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How To Choose A Business Structure: A Decision Guide

StructuringGuideCover.pngUnderstanding the myriad business structures available and choosing the best one for your business can be a daunting task. To help make it easier, CLF Ventures and CLF, in partnership with Wholesome Wave, have published “How To Choose a Business Structure: A Decision Guide.” Written for the non-lawyer prospective or established business owner in any industry, this how-to guide will help farmers and entrepreneurs of food- and non-food ventures alike quickly get a handle on the following business structures:

Featuring color-coded references, easy-to-read charts, and succinct explanations of the pros and cons of each entity, the Guide examines how each form stacks up against the others in terms of:

The Guide also explains how an organization can become a parent or subsidiary of another, how to convert a nonprofit to a for-profit and vice versa, and walks business owners step-by-step through questions that help them determine what entity to form. At the end of the Guide is a list of resources for further assistance and research, particularly for food-related businesses.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Individuals are strongly encouraged to consult with a qualified attorney and accountant before choosing a business form or changing business forms. Information contained in HOW TO CHOOSE A BUSINESS STRUCTURE: A DECISION GUIDE is not intended to be legal or tax advice. CLF Ventures and Wholesome Wave are prohibited from practicing law. Consult appropriate professionals before making any legal or tax-related decisions.


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