Keeping on Track: Our Progress in Reforming and Funding Transportation Since Passage of the Massachusetts Transportation Finance Act of 2013

Transpo-report.jpgClosing the chronic funding gap for transportation has long been in desperate need of attention in Massachusetts. In 2013, the legislature took on this challenge and passed the historic Transportation Financing Act in July. The Act is projected to raise an average of $600 million per year for the next five years for transportation funding and these funds are intended to assist the Commonwealth in tackling the most pressing transportation needs; although, this amount falls short of the identified need of about one billion dollars per year.

To ensure that the implementation of the law and funding of programs is done successfully and comprehensively, Transportation for Massachusetts, a coalition of Bay State organizations, will issue bi-annual progress reports evaluating the health of the Commonwealth’s transportation system and the impacts of the law. This first progress report is co-authored by CLF staff attorney Rafael Mares.


Learn more about what has been done already, including:

And what remains to be addressed:

This progress report – and the ones to follow – aims to ensure that the Commonwealth succeeds in implementing the Transportation Finance Act and to provide sufficient information for decision makers to secure the health of the state’s transportation system.

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